Micro Grids powered by renewable energy sources are the ideal solution to bring resilient energy access to communities and businesses throughout the country. Furthermore, economic incentives such as the Investment Tax Credit, the Production Tax Credit, feed-in tariffs, net metering, and state renewable portfolio standards can be successful at bringing renewable energy generation online.


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After a consultation session we will evaluate and structure a micro grid that is specifically designed to meet your operational requirements now, and in the future.



With the the rising popularity of CCA’s (Community Choice Aggregation), generating clean and reliable energy is their primary goal. Our utility scale micro grid power solutions allows you to deliver power to your citizens cheaper while also meeting your goals for renewable energy production.


As energy rates continue to increase without end and forced shutoffs threaten the resiliency of the power grid, can your business afford to be left vulnerable to your electric company? Our engineers at Brevian Energy will work with your organization to design a micro grid solution specifically to meet your needs.


Recent state mandates in some areas now require that all newly built homes or buildings must now be designed as “net zero” energy consumption. Our micro grid solutions are more efficient and less space consuming than solar, making it a smarter and cheaper option in the long run.

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